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Changing careers is really hard.

Learning to code is hard. Changing careers is really hard.

Upstream members who qualify as a high performers - as measured by code assessments, programming challenges and repository reviews - will earn themselves an opportunity to interview at a select few, hand-picked Pittsburgh companies.

We'll never guarantee that one will secure a job from taking an Upstream workshop. We do guarantee that if a member, through their own investment of time and effort, qualifies as a high performer, that companies will have more confidence in their baseline coding competency. Its up to each member to earn the job themself.

Partner Organizations

Contract or Internship Positions

Robomatter + VEX Robotics Contract or Internship Positions

Pittsburgh, PA

Upstream Coding members who demonstrate high performance - as measured by code assessments, programming challenges and repository reviews - can earn the opportunity to interview for paid contract or internships positions at Robomatter Inc. + VEX Robotics, Inc.

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Create a Custom Upskilling Program Retain & reward top talent

Hiring a new employee can be an arduous and challenging process. Hiring the wrong employee is a costly mistake. The most reliable and cost-effective way to bring new skills in-house -- and retain great talent -- is to upskill existing employees.

Upstream will develop an employee upskilling program specific to a company's tech stack or client service.

Looking for freshly upskilled talent? Ask us about purchasing a seat to our Upstream Talent Pool.

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Hire Right.

Candidate Evaluation & Skill Verification

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