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Prescreen Software Engineers

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Upstream experts qualify candidates for software engineering roles by administering technical skills assessments and coding interview tests online and in-person. Each interaction is recorded and stored in your dashboard for review, at your convenience.

Stop wasting time with unqualified candidates. Integrate Skill Verification as part of your hiring pipeline.

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Skill Verification Service

Tech Check

Step 1 Tech Check

Video Call

Open a new role, and set the number of positions you're hiring for and add the list of candidates. Upstream team members make contact and perform a technical check against the job description and the candidates resume during an in-depth question and answer session.

Tech Screen

Step 2 Tech Screen

Video & Screen Share

Candidates who successfully pass the Tech Check begin real-time coding exercises diving deeper into concepts expected of an engineer for the experience level of the position.

Tech Interview

Step 3 Tech Interview

Video & Screen Share

Qualified candidates move on to a more rigorous monitored take-home style test evaluating real-world local development skills.

White Boarding

Step 4 (optional) White Boarding


If additional analysis of the candidate’s skills is required, we can facilitate white board testing at our offices.


Report (optional) CodeCable

Client Portal

If requested, Upstream can provide a CodeCable report recommending which candidates are the strongest to help with your hiring selection.

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